Herpes Treatments

Herpes will be transferred once you commit a sexual intercourse with someone who is infected. Mostly, people acquire this kind of disease or virus when they do dating to someone with herpes. Most of the time, when people do that, sex is a part of it. As a result, this particular virus spreads continuously. In this connection, there are various herpes treatments that you can possibly use that will be discussed below.
The first one is Acyclovir which can be considered as the oldest medication. This has been available in 1982 as an ointment. And after three years, it is in the form of a pill. Furthermore, it is known for being safe to infected individuals.

The second one is the Valacyclovir which is the most advance drug in the market that has acyclovir content. This kind of antiviral medication delivers the latter more effectively to the body of infected person which can truly absorb the drug. So, if you do not want to have the virus, you should avoid dating to a man or a woman with herpes because there are no people who recuperate from the disease.

The last one antiviral medication is Famciclovir which utilizes penciclovir in order to eliminate the HSV increase and replication. Like with the second medication, it can be absorbed by the body successfully. Also, it has the capacity to persist in the body which will not require an individual to have more drug intakes. The antiviral medication is usually prescribed to patients who have the first stage of the herpes; nevertheless, they can be used when a person experience a recurrent stage or episode. So, you can be able to prevent all of these, when you avoid dating with herpes.

Aside from the three antiviral medications, there are two types of herpes treatment such as suppressive therapy and episodic therapy. Suppressive therapy transpires when an individual with herpes want to suppress or reduce outbreaks by taking the said medication in a daily basis so that the HSV is always in check. The three medications are very effective on lowering the HSV which can reduce the symptoms of the virus. However, the great outcome depends on its stage. In addition, according to recent studies, this kind of therapy will be able to eliminate the outbreaks for about 75 % while one of the antiviral medications is being taken. Moreover, the best way to reduce your risk is not dating to an infected man and a woman.

When it comes to episodic therapy, a person starts taking a medication during the very first symptoms of a particular outbreak, and he continues doing the same thing for various years. In this way, an individual can be able to avoid the outbreak from having a continuous occurrence. Aside from the three antiviral medication, and suppressive or episodic therapies, there are other herpes treatments that an infected individual can use. However, the aforesaid herpes treatments can help an infected person eliminate the symptoms of the virus. So, by taking a medication and a therapy, a person can lower the power of the HSV. Moreover, you will not be experiencing all of the above mentioned things when you do not do dating someone with herpes

herpes symptoms in women - pictures of herpes in women

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2

In contrast to HSV-1, most genital herpes infections are caused by a different virus known as HSV-2. It is spread through direct contact and is considered to be an STD. Symptoms include painful, fluid-filled blisters and crusted sores on the genital area, buttocks, thighs, or anus. The infection can spread to the lips through oral contact. As with HSV-1, medications can reduce the severity of the condition, but there is no cure.
herpes symptoms in women - pictures of herpes in women

Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1

Cold sores or "fever blisters" on the lips are a sign of herpes virus infection, usually caused by the type of herpes virus known as human herpes virus 1, or HSV-1. HSV-1 is usually not an STD, and it can be spread through kissing or household contact. It can also spread to the genitals. There is no cure for herpes infection, but medications can reduce the severity and duration of outbreaks.
herpes symptoms in women - pictures of herpes in women

Herpes Symptoms

Symptoms vary, but often most people have no noticeable symptoms. 
Early symptoms of herpes may include:
  • burning sensation in the genitals or infected area
  • flu-like symptoms
  • lower back pain
  • pain when urinating
Small red bumps may appear in the genital area after initial symptoms, which later develop into painful blisters.
The blisters usually:
  • crust over
  • form a scab
  • heal
The First Outbreak
Symptoms usually  develop within 2-20 days after contact, but could continue up to 2 weeks.
The first infection may be so mild it goes unnoticed. In other cases, the first attack causes visible sores. Subsequent recurrences of the virus may cause an outbreak of blisters.
The virus retreats into the nerves and lies dormant. Even when there are no symptoms of herpes, transmitting the virus is still possible (asymptomatic viral shedding). 
Healing of the skin does not normally  leave scarring. 
Typical Symptoms
When it  gets into skin cells the virus reproduces itself  and starts to multiply, making the skin red and sensitive.  
Blisters or bumps may appear on the genital area, the blisters first opening and then healing with the regeneration of new skin tissue.

During the outbreak the infected area may:
  • be painful
  • burn
  • itch
  • tingle
Other symptoms include:
  • fever  
  • headache
  • infection of the urethra causing a burning sensation when urinating
  • muscle ache
  • painful inflamed blisters which develop around the infected area
  • swollen lymph glands 
  • vaginal or penis discharge
The first episode is the most severe, with most episodes lasting 10-21 days.  A  warning sign (prodrome) such as tingling is experienced by many people in recurring outbreaks.
Should any of these symptoms occur, consult your doctor or other health care provider immediately. 
Genital herpes should be diagnosed and treated professionally. 

How to manage your gential herpes infestion.

One of the most difficult aspects of genital herpes infection is trying to manage day to day activities while coping with painful genital ulcers. The first episode of infection is usually the most painful. Subsequent attacks are easier to manage. Understandably so many people are afraid of discussing their diagnosis and struggle with getting to work or school. For many people it is much easier to call in sick for work with a flu or a sprained ankle as
compared to genital herpes. Fortunately doctors will usually be happy to write a ‘sick note’ with no specific diagnosis to ease things for the patient.

There is no cure for herpes infection. Medications such as acyclovir can reduce the duration of the symptoms and viral shedding afterwards. People can shed virus even if there is no visible blister or ulcer.

It is really important to rest and stay well hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. Taking analgesics such as ibuprofen (if not allergic and if normal kidney function) can help a lot. It may be necessary to take the painkillers regularly. Specific measures to ease the local pain include the use of local anaesthetic gel or a paraffin based cream eg vaseline. Salt baths seem to offer good relief for many people. Rest, rest and rest.

Passing urine can be really painful especially when the urine comes in contact with the blisters. Simple non medical remedies work best after all these years. These old remedies recommend passing urine while sitting in a salt bath. The urine is thus diluted by the bath water and is less irritant to the ulcerated area. A slightly more modern take on this is to urinate in the shower with the shower spray directed at the genital area. Be very gentle
drying off.

Some people find it so painful to urinate that they deliberately drink less fluids. This is not a great idea. People feel generally worse when dehydrated. The urine that is passed is even more concentrated due to the fluid restriction. The more concentrated the urine the more painful it will be.

Sometimes and especially in the first episode of genital herpes patients can go into urinary retention. This means that they cannot pass urine and the bladder keeps on filling up. This becomes very painful. In rare cases it may be necessary to pass a tube though the abdominal wall into the bladder to relieve the retention of urine. Fortunately this is really rare! Remember to be kind to yourself. This episode will pass!

Herpes Photos and Pictures in women | What Does It Look Like?

If you have redness or bumps on the surface of your skin that go away and resurface often. Then it may be helpful to do some comparisons of various skin conditions to see if your symptoms match. We have provided numerous pictures of different outbreaks. Each of the pictures is presented with no censorship so if graphic herpes pictures may bother you please do not continue.

Remember that herpes are not always visible and some hosts can carry them for quite some time before an outbreak may occur. Always practice safe sex and use caution when selection partners to engage in sexual contact. Because of this bi-annual tests are highly recommended for sexually active individuals.
Again Please beware: the herpes pictures you are about to view are real and genuine and may not be appropriate for some people or those under the age of 18.

Celebrities with Herpes, Famous people with herpes (Men)

We list the male celebrities with Herpes, Famous men with herpes here, The thing about herpes and any sexually transmitted diseases is that all sexually active people, including celebrities (and maybe especially the rich and famous because of the availability of willing partners), are capable of contracting and spreading the disease. And, depending on which one you contract, you may never be able to rid yourself of the ailment, which is why there are a multiplicity of advisories admonishing the public to practice safe sex.


In 1986, Robin Williams was sued for $6.2 million by an ex-girlfriend who claimed he infected her with herpes.
2013 STATS
100%8$50 millionHerpes

An unnamed plaintiff has stepped forward and sued "an A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally," after the actor infected him or her with herpes. The actor had earlier claimed he was STD free. Most people think that Depp is the one.
2013 STATS
90% 9 $350m Herpes
David Hasselhoff, who has genital herpes. Now that all your Baywatch fantasies have been ruined maybe you can leave that terrible decade. Except for Germany, who, for all we know, probably likes Hasselhoff even more after learning this.
100% 8 $110m Herpes
Billy Idol
In a Rolling Stone interview Billy Idol states candidly "Herpes was the worst. You probably had that already? Yeah! Let's give it to each other and get on with it!"
2013 STATS
100% 7 $35m Herpes
So rumor has it that Jessica Alba is chasing the Valtrex dragon and that it was that damn Yankee Derek Jeter who gave it to her.
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72.2% 7.5 $150m Herpes

Similarly, sports personality Michael Vick (Atlanta Falcons quarterback) settled out of court after being accused of not disclosing his herpes condition to his partner.
2008 STATS
100% 7 $30 Herpes

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